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Harken Carbo Blocks 57mm


Harken Carbo AirBlocks

Harken Carbo AirBlocks are 60% stronger and 30% lighter than the Classic Blocks. The high-load Harken 57 mm Carbo Block has a broad working range. Use for main and jib sheets on centerboard and keelboats like Lightnings, Dragons, Solings, and J24s and for mainsheet systems on catamarans.

The nylon resin sideplates are densely packed with long-glass fibers for a compact block with a high strength-to-weight ratio. Ball bearings, sheave, and sideplates are UV-stabilized with carbon black for maximum protection.

Blocks feature Cam-Lock or U-Lock locking system to lock the shackle in front or side position, or swivle to keep line from twisting.

Use For:
Main/jib sheets
Mainsheet fine-tune
Control lines
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HAR2600 - Harken 57mm Carbo Block
Code: HAR2600
Original Price: $45.80
Price: $40.30
HAR2601 - Harken 57mm Carbo Block w/ Becket
Code: HAR2601
Original Price: $51.20
Price: $45.06
HAR2606 - Harken 57mm Carbo Cheek Block
Code: HAR2606
Original Price: $42.10
Price: $37.05
HAR2615 - Harken 57mm Carbo Block w/ Cam
Code: HAR2615
Original Price: $129.85
Price: $114.27
HAR2616 - Harken 57mm Carbo Block w/ Cam and Becket
Code: HAR2616
Original Price: $135.25
Price: $119.02
HAR2602 - Harken 57mm Carbo Double Block
Code: HAR2602
Original Price: $97.40
Price: $85.71
HAR2603 - Harken 57mm Carbo Double w/ Becket
Code: HAR2603
Original Price: $102.80
Price: $90.46
HAR2604 - Harken 57mm Carbo Triple
Code: HAR2604
Original Price: $139.85
Price: $123.07
HAR2605 - Harken 57mm Carbo Triple w/ Becket
Code: HAR2605
Original Price: $145.25
Price: $127.82
HAR2617 - Harken 57mm Carbo Triple w/ Cam
Code: HAR2617
Original Price: $210.00
Price: $184.80
HAR2618 - Harken 57mm Carbo Triple w/ Cam and Becket
Code: HAR2618
Original Price: $215.40
Price: $189.55
HAR2631 - Harken 57mm Carbo Quad Block
Code: HAR2631
Original Price: $175.05
Price: $154.04
HAR2762 - Harken 57mm Carbo 5 Sheave (Replaced HC7668)
Code: HAR2762
Original Price: $195.55
Price: $172.08

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