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Andersen Bailers



Andersen automatic bailers are available world wide and recognised by dinghy sailors as the most effective and reliable means of automatic bailing. Andersen Bailers are made of Stainless Steel, guaranteeing you many years of trouble free service. The Super Mini Special Bailer is designed for racing dinghies where the bailer is operated from a hiking position, this bailer is mounted without spring lever. Bailers can be mounted inside or outside of the boat.

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AND554130 - Andersen Mini Bailer
Code: AND554130
Original Price: $91.45
Price: $77.73
AND554131 - Andersen Super Mini Bailer
Code: AND554131
Original Price: $121.95
Price: $103.66
AND554132 - Andersen Super Medium Bailer
Code: AND554132
Original Price: $144.95
Price: $123.21
AND554133 - Anderson Super Max Bailer
Code: AND554133
Original Price: $152.95
Price: $130.01
AND554136 - Andersen New Large Bailer
Code: AND554136
Original Price: $121.95
Price: $103.66
AND574150 - Andersen Super Mini Bailer Service Kit
Code: AND574150
Original Price: $50.50
Price: $42.93
AND574151 - Andersen Super Medium Bailer Service Kit
Code: AND574151
Original Price: $50.50
Price: $42.93
AND574152 - Andersen Super Max Bailer Service Kit
Code: AND574152
Original Price: $50.50
Price: $42.93
AND574153 - Andersen Mini Bailer Service Kit
Code: AND574153
Original Price: $19.60
Price: $16.66
AND574154 - Andersen New Large Bailer Service Kit
Code: AND574154
Original Price: $25.80
Price: $21.93

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