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Spinlock 52mm Doble Desviadriza - 4 Roldanas - Max. Línea 14mm
SPITC504D - Spinlock 52mm Doble Desviadriza - 4 Roldanas - Max. Línea 14mm
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    High Load 4 Sheave Deck Organizer for leading multiple lines. T-Series Organizers lead multiple lines back from the mast to banks of power clutches.

    • TC50 organizers are specially developed for higher loads.
    • Minimal overall length.
    • Efficient bearing reduces winch effort and increases halyard life.
    • Modular end fairing's for safe side loading.
    • Asymmetric version for reduced deck space and weight saving.
    • T50 can 'stack' on a TC50 for limited deck area or adding extra capacity.

    Part Number: TC504D

    Imperial Metric
    Length 12 3/8" 313 mm
    High 2 5/16" 59 mm
    Wide 2" 52 mm
    Upper Safe Working Load 2200 lbs 1000 kg
    Lower Safe Working Load 3300 lb 1500 kg 
    Weight 2.65 lbs 1.20 kg

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