Melges 24 Spinnaker System470

Mainsheet System

Melges 24 Mainsheet System
The gas pedal of this class is in the main, so controlling the main sail and adjusting your 'gears' appropriately is crucial for success in this class. The Melges 24 uses a 22mm track to play the traveler and a 6:1 purchase to get the best leverage out of your main.



HAR2682 - Harken 75mm Carbo Ratchamatic Block Cheek
Code: HAR2682
List Price: $ 144.90
Price: $ 127.51
HAR2600 - Harken 57mm Carbo Block
Code: HAR2600
List Price: $ 47.15
Price: $ 41.49
HAR2152 - Harken 57mm Carbo T2 Single Block
Code: HAR2152
List Price: $ 47.15
Price: $ 41.49
HAR2625 - Harken 57mm Carbo Ratchamatic Block
Code: HAR2625
List Price: $ 102.70
Price: $ 90.38
HAR2685 - Harken 75mm Carbo Triple Ratchamatic Block w/ Cam
Code: HAR2685
List Price: $ 415.25
Price: $ 365.42
HAR2650 - Harken 40mm Carbo Block Fixed
Code: HAR2650
List Price: $ 26.55
Price: $ 23.36

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