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J70 Jib Sheet System

Jib trim on the J70 is one of the most critical tasks while sailing upwind. J70 class rules permit the addition of an extra cleat facing outboard on each side, which will allow you to adjust jib trim from the rail. We recommend using risers under the cleat for optimum angle. The jib sheet is rigged as a 2:1 purchase using 40mm blocks, which allows controlled sheeting of the jib in a wide range.

Class Description


J70 Deck Layout

J70: Fast and Fun Sailing for Everyone

The J70 introduces a new dimension of fun, fast sailing in a stable, easy to own boat. The J70's 22-foot long waterline with high aspect, all carbon rig and deep, lifting bulb keel provides spirited performance and good stability. The J70 is designed to fulfill the needs of a diverse range of sailors—from performance one-design and club racers, to sailing families. The large cockpit comfortably holds three adults or four mixed crew, and the vertical lifting keel makes trailering and launching the J70 a snap.

Knifing through the water upwind with confidence and ease, the J70 has that legendary “J” feel - light, controllable with a wide-groove to sail consistently fast. With an adjustable cascading backstay, one has total control over sail shape and dynamic rig tension across the full range of conditions, making it easy to change gears on the J70.

Since its launch in 2012, the popularity of the J70 has soared, with growing fleets and regatta action worldwide. Superbly built by CCF Composites, Bristol, R. I., the J70 was named 2013 Boat of the Year by Sailing World Magazine.

At Mauri Pro we have a range of parts, running rigging, sailing gear, and accessories that will help keep your J70 in top racing condition.

HAR296 - Harken 15 Degree Angled Cam Riser
Code: HAR296
List Price: $ 11.85
Price: $ 10.43
HAR2149 - Harken 40mm Carbo T2 Single Block
Code: HAR2149
List Price: $ 38.75
Price: $ 34.10
HAR2625 - Harken 57mm Carbo Ratchamatic Block
Code: HAR2625
List Price: $ 102.70
Price: $ 90.38
HAR2135 - Harken 57mm Carbo Ratchet Block
Code: HAR2135
List Price: $ 72.90
Price: $ 64.15
HAR150 - Harken Cam Cleat 150 - Standard Cam-Matic
Code: HAR150
List Price: $ 36.35
Price: $ 31.99
RONRC725105A - Ronstan Series 25 T-Track 0.5m, Racing 25mm (63/64in.) stop holes
Code: RONRC725105A
List Price: $ 42.30
Price: $ 35.95
RONRC72504 - Ronstan Series 25 T-Track Composite Slide
Code: RONRC72504
List Price: $ 39.95
Price: $ 33.95
RONRC72581 - Ronstan Series 25 T-Track Racing Track End Cap, Plastic
Code: RONRC72581
List Price: $ 3.48
Price: $ 2.95
SCH7803 - Schaefer Pad Eye Welded 2 in L x 5/8 in W (51x16mm)
Code: SCH7803
List Price: $ 22.80
Price: $ 18.49

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