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Anchoring: Windlasses


Lewmar Windlasses

Lewmar Windlass Packages
Captive Reel
C Series
CPX Series
H2 Series
H3 Series
Pro Fish
Pro Series
Pro Sport
V1 Series
V2 Series
V3 Series
V4 Series
V4 / V5 Series
V6 Series
V700 Vertical
V Series Accessories
Windlass<br>Circuit Breakers
Windlass Spares

Maxwell Windlasses

HRC Series
HWC 1500 Series
HWC 2500 Series
HWC 3500 Series
RC6 Series
RC8 Series
RC10 Series
RC12 Series
VC Series
VW Capstan Series
VW 500 Series
VW 1000 Series
VW 1500 Series
VW 2500 Series
VW 3500 Series
VWC 1000 Series
VWC 1500 Series
VWC 2500 Series
VWC Anti Clockwise 2500 Series
VWC 3500 Series
VWC Anti Clockwise 3500 Series
VWC 4000 Series

Quick Windlasses

Quick Marine Hardware
Vertical Windlasses
Horizontal Windlasses
Rope Only Windlasses
Stress Free Marine Windlasses

Lofrans Windlasses

Vertical Windlasses
Horizontal Windlasses
Vertical Capstans

Muir Windlass

Vertical Powered Windlass
Compact Horizontal Windlasses
Vertical Capstans
Vertical Manual Windlass

Windlasses - Overview

Whether you own a small fishing boat, a 100-foot cruiser or a mid-size sailboat, we at Mauri Pro Sailing have the right Lewmar Windlasses for your exact need. Each one is crafted with durability, convenience and affordability in mind. Both vertical and horizontal designs are sleek and attractive to compliment whatever boat you may have. Technical assistance is provided to help you make the right selection for your anchoring system.

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