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Antal Winches

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Harken Winches

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Lewmar Winches

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Sailboat Winches, Winch Handles and Accessories

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Powerful and high quality sailboat winches are important for the types of high loads encountered on sheets, guys, halyards and other control lines. On larger boats, the ideal winch will help you reel in a line and increase tension, saving your arms for other tasks. Plain top sailboat winches will require you to tail the loose end to keep tension on your turns while operating the winch. Self tailing winches free up the hand from the loose end of the rope and facilitating better handling of the winch and winch handle. Electrical winches are available as a solution to short-handed or overpowered sailing. We at Mauri Pro Sailing provide a wide assortment of top rate Winches from dependable brands of Antal, Harken, and Lewmar. Winches are also sold based on material as well, whether you want the light weight of an aluminum winch, an appealing chrome sailboat winch or if you are looking for the visual aesthetic of a stainless steel yacht winch. Technical assistance is provided to help you select the perfect primary genoa winches, secondary winches, halyard winches or specialty winches for racing or cruising.

Replacing old Sailboat Winches

When replacing an old sailboat winch, the new winch doesn't need to have the exact same specifiations as the old one. It is reccomended to select a replacement winch that is similiar in size and has at least the same power ratio as your old winch. Also, consider whether your old winch had sufficient power to bring your sails to full trim or hoist with a reasonable amount of effort. Many older boats used winches that are under specified by today's standards and in many cases it can be benificial to upgrade a winch to a more powerful size instead of just replacing your boat's old winch. Another consideration to remember is that in many cases Meissner, Barient and Barlow winches did not use the same numbering scheme as modern Harken, Anderson and Lewmar winches. In the case of Harken, Anderson and Lewmar winches the number of a winch is aproximently the power ratio of a that winch. So for example an old Harken 44.2 winch had a power ration of 44 and a Harken Radial 46.2 Self tailing winch has a power ratio of 46.5.

About Electric Sailboat Winches

Electric Winches are an excellent upgrade for the cruising sailor who is looking for improved convience when sailing shorthanded. We offer a variety of electric winches to suit every boat and sailor's need. Innovative electric winches like the Harken Unibody radial winches help save on room and power usage, allowing electric winches to be installed on more places in more boats. One of the newest innovations in electric winches for sailboats is the reversible electric winches. Reversible winches such as the Harken Rewind electric winches and the Lewmar REVO winches allow the sheet to be sheeted in and out at the push of a button, allowing true push button sail control.

About Sailboat Winch Handles and Accessories

We offer Winch handles to meet the requirements of any sailor. We have 10 inch winch handles as well as more compact 8 inch winch handes available as Standard grip, palm grip and double grip winch hande styles. Note that a 10 inch winch handle gives a winch the power ratio that it is rated for while an 8 inch winch handle provides less power but more speed for sheeting in quickly, great for light air or small boats. Harken winch handles, Lewmar winch handles and Dax one touch winch handles are available in a variety of versions along with Antal winch handles and the winchrite electric winch handle.

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