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Technical Apparel

Technical Sailing Polos
Code: GILC1627
Price: $45.95
Code: GILC1627W
Price: $45.95
Code: GILC1630
Price: $55.95
Code: GILC1630W
Price: $55.95
Code: GILRC026
Price: $55.00
Code: HENY30282
Price: $59.00
Code: HHN50982
Price: $60.00
Code: HHN50565
Price: $60.00
Code: SLAS108420S00
Price: $74.00
Code: SLAS908083S00
Price: $69.95
Code: ZHKTOP83
Price: $85.00
Price: $85.00
Code: ZHKTOP86
Price: $75.00
GILCC01 - Gill Men's Crew Polo
    Code: GILCC01
    Price: $55.00

    Technical Sailing Shirts
    Code: SLAS112208S00
    Price: $50.60
    Code: GILC1626
    Price: $39.95
    Code: GILC1628
    Price: $45.95
    Code: GILC1628W
    Price: $45.95
    Code: GILC1630
    Price: $55.95
    Code: GILRC020
    Price: $50.00
    Code: GILRC021
    Price: $55.00
    Code: GILRC024
    Price: $60.00
    Code: HENS31020
    Price: $39.00
    Code: HENS31021
    Price: $45.00
    Code: HENY30276
    Price: $39.00
    Code: SLAS112206S00
    Price: $55.00
    Code: ZHKTOP71
    Price: $79.00
    Code: ZHKTOP71W
    Price: $79.00
    Code: ZHKTOP76
    Price: $72.50
    Code: ZHKTOP76W
    Price: $72.50

    Technical Apparel - Overview

    About Gill Technical Apparel

    Gill's designing process starts with a group of sailors at all levels, right up to Olympic medallists and Volvo Ocean Race winners, getting together and going through their kit bags.

    Gill then design a range to their exact specifications and when they have prototypes, Gill ask them to test the products. Gill's sailing gear extensive in-house and independent lab testing programm then adds an additional level of assurance that the products will do the job. Visit Gill

    About Harken Sport Technical Shirts

    Harken is committed to developing gear that gives you an edge. From free-rolling hardware to high performance sailing accessories like shoes, sunglasses and gloves, everything Harken design helps you focus on sailing instead of your gear.

    Choosing comfortable sailing gear whether you are racing or cruising, means starting with appropriate fabrics. Effective fabrics help you stay focused mentally and physically while addressing environmental challenges; wet, cold and heat. Visit Harken Sport Technical Shirts

    About Magic Marine Tanktops

    Magic Marine works with its sailors to create products that will improve your experience on the water, By combinint durability, quality, innocation and technology, Magic Marine has met the demands of the hardest conditions and most precise athletes.Visit Magic Marine Tanktops

    About Ronstan Tech Tops

    Ronstan provides its sailors with top of the line performance gear that helps athletes adjust to the elements of any race course. The newest line of gear uses a combination of materials for their unique properties such as water repellence, wind-proofing, drying speed and thermal qualities. These materieals are used where needed to provide the upmost in comfort and flexibility. Visit Ronstan Tech Tops

    About SLAM Technical Shirts

    SLAM's passion for research and innovation, together with the appreciation of their customers, has made SLAM the brand of technical clothing chosen by the greatest sailors in the world. The mission of SLAM has always been to "conceive, test and produce" advanced technology sportswear in order to improve the performance of sailors and to create a nautically-inspired sportswear collection for everyone with a passion for the sea. Visit Slam Technical Shirts.

    About Zhik Technical Apparel

    The Zhik research has the aim to develop and improve their gear for the performance of the sailors that choose their technical clothing. Gear used by sailors of Zhik products are used and backed by sailors in the America's Cup and Youth AC. The variety of gear provided provide protection and comfort for the full spectrum of sailing conditions. Whatever the environment, these technical products will help your performance to adapt to the condition. Visit Zhik Sailing Gear.

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