Rope Clutches for Sailboats


Rope Clutches - Overview

Free your hands today by installing Rope Clutches on your boat. Designed to squeeze the rope in order to keep it in place, rope clutches are on of the best solutions for holding fine tuning lines and halyards. Pull the clutch lever down to lock the line into place to engage and lift the lever to release the load. While engaged, you can continue feeding line through the clutch, maintaining tension without fear of damage to the ropes. We at Mauri Pro Sailing offer technical assistance in order to help you choose the right rope clutch for your rig.

Rope Clutches<br>Cam 611
Rope Clutches<br>V-Cam 814
Rope Clutches<br>V-Cam 814 Silver
Rope Clutches<br>V-Grip
Rope Clutches<br>V-Grip Plus
Rope Clutches<br>V-Grip Maxi
Rope Clutches
Rope Clutches
XAS<br>Rope Clutches
XCS<br>Rope Clutches
XTS<br>Rope Clutches
XX<br>Rope Clutches
XXC<br>Rope Clutches
SUA<br>Rope Clutches
XTR <br> Rope Clutches

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