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Class Description

The International Moth is an eleven foot long, high performance, single handed racing dinghy. It is proud to be one of the few development classes left in the world and have very few design rules including no weight limit. The class encourages innovation just as much as it encourages sailing skill. It welcomes home boat building and wacky designs, and almost importantly, it welcomes unconventional people with open arms. This offical Australian Moth web site has all the latest National information that you need to start Mothing right now.

Being a development class, the moth has evolved from a hull in the 1930’s that could best be described as a heavy, narrow scow or a blunt nosed skiff, (weighing about 50 kg) to today’s remarkable foilers with hull weights of under 10 kg,. Designs have run the gamut from wide skiffs without wings, to lightweight scows, to wedge-shaped hulls characterized with narrow waterlines and hiking wings out to the maximum permitted beam. Likewise, the sail plan has evolved from cotton sails on wooden spars, through the fully battened Dacron sails on aluminum spars stage, to the windsurfer inspired sleeved film sails on carbon masts seen today.

Today's 11 foot single-handed Moths foil in 6 knots and kiss 30 in heavy air. The current design earns its international name—it is the fusion of the American Moth Boat, Australian Inverlock, Swiss-inspired hiking wings, and a hydrofoil from the UK.

Mainsheet System

The Ratchamatic® ratchet disengages under light loads to allow fingertip control. Ratchamatics and T2s™ have strong ball bearings on curved races to make secondary bearings unnecessary—which means adjustments are lightning fast under any load. Many racers add an additional block for a 4:1 system to reduce sheet load.






Due to strong apparent wind caused by the speed of foiling, flattening the sail with the downhaul makes the boat faster and easier to control. 6:1 double-ended downhauls are common, but racers like Bora Gulari, '09 World Champ and Moth speed recordholder, have used Harken 16 mm blocks to create even higher purchases.





Boom Vang

Vang tension is critical in generating the power to lift off. The 16:1 double-ended system also allows for "vang sheeting" upwind to control shape and twist.






Sheets and Control Lines
Boom Vang
Cunningham System
Mainsheet System

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