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Laser One Design - Rigging and Parts

The singlehanded International Laser® is one of the most popular boats in sailing history, with over 190,000 hulls worldwide. This physically demanding dinghy follows strict one-design regulations and tests a sailor's endurance and finesse as much as it tests tactical skill. The boat and equipment have changed little since Bruce Kirby's original 1971 design. The powerful 15:1 cascaded vang, 10:1 cunningham, and low-friction clew sleeve make frequent fine-tune adjustments a breeze and have opened the class to a wider range of sailors.

Boom Vang

Harken Laser Vang
Enjoy power and efficiency with the class-legal 15:1 Laser® vang. Now the class standard, you can get the most out of the boat regardless of your size.



Laser Deck Profile

Harken Laser® Clew Sleeve
Pulling the sail flush with the boom, the low-friction clew sleeve slides smoothly without binding. Rigging is fast and simple; the hook locks the clew securely in a single motion. Class legal and now available.

X-Treme Angle Fairlead
This design breakthrough lets you fine-tune outhaul and cunningham controls while hiking. Lines cleat and release at angles as great as 90 degrees. It features a stainless steel bail for a bulletproof turning point.



Bailers and Drain Plugs
Clew Accessories
Compass and Tactical Gear
Hiking Bench
Hiking Straps
Outhaul and Cunningham
Replacement Spars
Rig Support
Rooster Mainsheet
Sail Numbers
Spar and Hull fittings
Tiller Extensions
Training Sails
Laser<br>Bags & Covers

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