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J/105 One Design - Riggingg and Parts

The singlehanded International Laser® is one of the most popular boats in sailing history, with over 190,000 hulls worldwide. This physically demanding dinghy follows strict one-design regulations and tests a sailor's endurance and finesse as much as it tests tactical skill. The boat and equipment have changed little since Bruce Kirby's original 1971 design. The powerful 15:1 cascaded vang, 10:1 cunningham, and low-friction clew sleeve make frequent fine-tune adjustments a breeze and have opened the class to a wider range of sailors.

Furling System

J/105 Jib Furler
MKIV's are easy to adjust for reefing and furling. When racing in non-class events, J/105 sailors can take the spool off and use the double-groove foil for fast sail changes.

Mainsheet System

J/105 Gross-Trim, Fine-Tune Mainsheet
The divided cascading system runs the powerful fine-tune lead aft, allowing the helmsman to easily optimize sail shape on a light air beat. The gross-trim runs forward to the trimmer for fast mark roundings. To use this efficient system, simply add a 144 swivel base and third-party mainsheet adapter plate to your existing hardware.

Sheets and Control Lines
Boom Vang
Cunnigham System
Deck Hardware
Jib System
Mainsheet System
Tillers Extensions
Traveler System

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