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Class Description

Ensign Full Keel Sailboat

The Ensign sailboat is the largest class of full keel boats in North America. It was designed by Carl Alberg and first built by Pearson Yachts of Portsmouth, RI, who manufactured nearly 1800 boats from 1962 through 1983. The Ensign's popularity, rather than declining with the advent of high performance sailboats, has been on a major upswing, with one of the strongest national organizations and support fleets from coast to coast.

The Ensign is 22 and 1/2 feet long, weighs about 3,000 pounds, has a draft of 3 feet and is best raced with a crew of four. Although you'll never see an Ensign planing around the buoys, an overlapping genoa and large spinnaker make this boat a responsive tactical racer. The Ensign is favored by former dinghy sailors and cruisers alike. It has no life lines and therefore can be sailed with many dingy tactics such as hiking and roll tacking. The Ensign also functions as a comfortable day sailer with a large cockpit. Besides a main and working jib it can have an inventory of a #1 and # 2 Genoa, a blade and spinnaker. For cruisers the Ensign can be equipped with a roller furling genoa.

Using the original molds that the Ensign Class Association purchased from Pearson Yachts when they went out of business; Ensign Spars, Inc. manufactures the New Ensign Classic in Dunedin, Florida. Class officers have worked to keep the Ensign as close to the original design as possible, with equipment modifications kept to a minimum. As a result, these easy-to-handle boats have held their value and still win races, keeping the Ensign class vital and strong.

At Mauri Pro we have a range of parts, running rigging, sailing gear, and accessories that will help keep your Ensign in top sailing condition.

Mainsheet System

Ensign Mainsheet
One of the many different ways to configure the mainsheet on this boat is to use a 4:1 mainsheet system featuring two 57 mm Carbo fiddle blocks with high-load ball bearings for low-friction operation. A pivoting exit block mounted on the Ensign's boom directly above the trimmer provides for powerful two-handed sheeting.

Traveler System

Ensign Mainsheet Traveler
The stern-mounted traveler features 3:1 controls that lead forward under deck to a Cam-Matic® cleat. This allows for fast, precise trimming and keeps the deck of the Ensign looking clean.

Boom Vang/Cunningham

Ensign Boom Vang
The vang features a 6:1 cascade inside a 2:1 purchase for a 12:1 mechanical advantage. This system pivots, allowing crew to adjust tension easily on either tack.

Ensign Cunningham
The cunningham is a cascaded 4:1 system (2:1 inside a 2:1 purchase). A pivoting exit block allows access to the cunningham control line from either side of the boat.

Sheets and Control Lines
Boom Vang
Cunningham System
Jib System
Mainsheet System
Spinnaker System
Tiller Extensions
Traveler System

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