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Class Description

The Byte is 12 ft (3.7 m) long, 4 ft 3 in (1.3 m) wide and roughly 100 lb (45 kg). The hull is composed of glass reinforced polyester and foam sandwich. The Byte is designed for sailors weighing 120 to 145 lb (54 to 66 kg) although most sailors weighing 90 to 160 lb (41 to 73 kg) should have no problems sailing this boat on a recreational basis. The Byte sail size is only 58 square feet (5.6 m²) making it the ideal boat for those sailors who enjoy the independence and simplicity of a cat rigged boat, such as the Laser, but who are not strong or heavy enough to control a large sail.

The rigging is similar to that of the Laser except one noticeable difference. The traveler is just below the main sheet block and not at the stern of the boat (similar to a Finn or Europe dinghy). This eradicates the chance of the main sheet getting caught on the transom which is a common complaint of the Laser. The sail controls are also "split" and led to both side-decks, again somewhat like a Finn or Europe and allows for more technical adjustments.

Mainsheet System

The Byte CII has a mid-cockpit traveler that allows lighter weight sailors to depower the sail more easily. Two Micro traveler cars run on a low-beam Micro track. A bridle attached to the cars allows sailors to sheet the boom to the center of the cockpit without adjusting car settings on each tack. When the breeze pipes up, a short dump of each car sets the boom to the correct location every time.

Boom Vang

Controls for the 12:1 vang are led to both sides of the cockpit for easy trimming. This powerful system uses a mixture of high-strength wire blocks, lightweight T18s, and small, strong 16 mm blocks.


The 4:1 double-ended cunningham system uses a 16 mm hook-in block that attaches to the clew of the sail. Two T18s—Harken’s lightest blocks ever—add purchase. Control lines are lead aft to clam cleats on either side of the foredeck and are well within reach while hiking.

Sheets and Control Lines
Boom Vang
Cunningham System
Mainsheet System
Outhaul System

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