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A-Class Catamaran Sailboat Parts and Equipment470

Class Description

A-Class catamarans are the fastest single handed racing boats in the world.
Most other racing classes are one-design whereas the A-Class is a development class and as a result, it has become a pure high-tech boat.

The combination of the use of modern materials such as Carbon and Aramide in the serie production of both hulls and masts, as well innovative sail craft design from some of the best designers in the world, the A-Class Catamaran has been able to push the boundaries to the point where it is considered as Formula One amongst all sailing craft. Speeds exceeding 24 knots are already recorded, as is superb handling, all due to sailors continuing to take advantage of the very few design limitations placed on this class. Design aspects such as hull and sail shape as well as mast length and shape are unrestricted. Only the basic measurements of maximum hull length, maximum beam, maximum sail area and minimum weight must adhere to certain limits.

The A-Cat has consistently proved itself in the international scene whereby the World and European championships are frequented by some of the most famous sailors in the world.However, its always taken the dedication of a pure A-Class sailor to win the Championships. This demonstrates the high level of performance within the class and it leads to amazing numbers of entries for such events. The International A-Class Rules allows up to 100 entries to each event which results in each country needing to sail pre-selection events.

Traveler System

The primary use of the mainsheet traveler is to de-power the boat when sailing downwind. This 2:1 system lets the car run downhill rapidly, but still has the muscle to haul the car to weather.

Mainsheet System Layout

A 40 mm Carbo Ratchamatic® controls this powerful 8:1 system. The ratchet mechanism in the sheave automatically engages as loads increase. When eased, the ratchet automatically disengages, allowing unloaded sheets to run out instantly during mark roundings and jibes. The lower block rotates so the sheet follows the driver on both tacks.


The 2:1 outhaul system controls the shape of the foot of the main. Upwind, a tight outhaul flattens the foot. Loosening the outhaul increases the draft for light air or off wind sailing.


The 12:1 cascaded cunningham controls luff tension at the leading edge of the sail. Contained in a compact package inside the spar, the double-ended system allows crew to quickly power or depower the sail from the trapeze.

Sheets and Control Lines
Cunningham System
Mainsheet System
Mainsheet Traveler System
Outhaul System
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