Gill Foul Weather Gear

The Gill foul weather gear range has the right option for all types of sailing. Mauri Pro Sailing is your foul weather gear expert. Shop here whether you sail offshore or inshore, racing or cruising.



Race tested under the most grueling sailing conditions imaginable, the next-generation Gill Ocean Racer Collection has seen action across the Southern Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and even completed the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race before we gave it our final approval. The OC line of foul weather gear is fully seam sealed and made with an abrasion resistant 3-layer laminated fabric with a protective inner scrim and a durable water repellent finish.

A versatile performer capable of standing up to the toughest offshore and coastal conditions while keeping you dry and comfortable. The new Gill OS2 foul weather gear is made from our hydrophobic, laminated moisture-management fabric that's 100% waterproof and windproof, and also features a hydrophilic coated layer that transports moisture away from the skin. This durable 3 Dot™ fabric, creates an incredibly waterproof, windproof and breathable protective shell. This range is everything an offshore coastal suit needs to be.

The Gill Coast line is accomplished coastal/inshore foul weather gear. Made from a waterproof and breathable 2 Dot™ fabric and fully seam sealed construction, it offers excellent weather protection and all-round performance.

Gill Inshore Lite foul weather gear is waterproof, breathable and has a comfortable mesh lining for cooling ventilation. Our 2 Dot™ fabric features soft-touch laminate technology with a durable water repellent finish. Lightweight wet weather protection for everyday use either on-board or shore-side.

Inshore Sport
Gill Coast Sport foul weather gear is highly versatile, ideal for inshore, coastal and general boating use. It is made from a 3 Dot™ laminated fabric which is breathable, durable and comfortable.

Keelboat Racer
The Gill Keelboat Racer or KB collection is next generation foul weather gear for the performance keel boat racer. Designed for those needing trustworthy wet weather protection without excess weight. Our new 4 Dot™ 3-layer fabric is the perfect blend of waterproof barrier, breathable comfort and durability.

Gill Race Collection
The ultimate performance racing range. Gill Race Collection foul weather gear has been designed, tested and race proven for use in warmer conditions where weight, performance and protection can be the key to success. Stripped down to the bare essentials the Race Waterproof Jacket is so incredibly light it has set a new benchmark for performance sailing jackets.
Coastal Foul Weather Gear Jacket
Gill Coastal Foul Weather Jackets
Gill  Coastal Foul Weather Gear Jacket Junior
Coastal Foul Weather Gear Jacket Junior
Gill Coastal
Coastal Foul Weather Women
Gill Inshore
Gill Inshore Foul Weather Gear Jacket
Gill Inshore Foul Weather Gear Jacket Women
Inshore Foul Weather Gear Jacket Women
Race Collection
Gill OC Ocean Racing
Gill OS1 Ocean Offshore
Gill KB1 Keelboat Racing
Gill OS2 Offshore
Gill Race Collection

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