Ronstan Series 19 CB Batten System


RONSTAN Captive Ball Batten Car Systems - Overview

Series 19 Ronstan Captive Ball Batten Car System
Strength & Simplicity - The all-new Captive Ball Ronstan Batten car system combining the performance of ball bearing cars and the convenience of easy removal of mainsail and cars from the mast.

  • The Captive Ball Ronstan Batten system provides optimum performance for raising, lowering and reefing the mainsail while head to wind or luffing. (For extreme sailing, reefing while sailing off the wind, etc. we recommend the full ball bearing car and track systems).
  • The Captive Ball Batten system is a convenient choice in conjunction with Luff Groove track, for easy changeover between racing and cruising mainsails.

  • Applications:
    Long Cars: Monohulls to 15 m (50 ft) or sail area 53 m2 (570 ft2).
    Long Cars: Multihulls to 12 m (40 ft) or sail area 46 m2 (495 ft2).
    Short Cars: Monohulls to 14 m (46 ft) or sail area 48 m2 (517 ft2).
    Short Cars: Multihulls to 11 m (36 ft) or sail area 41 m2 (441 ft2).

    Code: RONRC00010
    Original Price: $109.20
    Price: $92.79
    Code: RONRC00021
    Original Price: $7.20
    Price: $6.09
    Code: RONRC41960
    Original Price: $510.90
    Price: $429.00
    Code: RONRC41961
    Original Price: $578.90
    Price: $489.00
    Code: RONRC41963
    Original Price: $181.30
    Price: $149.00
    Code: RONRC41966
    Original Price: $209.10
    Price: $169.00
    Code: RONRC41969
    Original Price: $300.95
    Price: $249.00
    Code: RONRC41972
    Original Price: $278.10
    Price: $229.00

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