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Profurl Extrusions - Racing Furlers


Profurl Additional Extrusions - Racing Furlers - Overview

Profurl Racing Furling Extrusions are made lighter and stronger by the use of special alloy (6106). These are aerofoil, black anodised extrusions. Optimum torque resistance along the entire foil length and the total absence of play at the junctions avoid any possibility of twist whilst reefing. The foil shape is specifically designed for uniform rigidity aerodynamic performance and smooth even rotation.

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PROP251032 - Profurl Additional Extrusions for R250
Code: PROP251032
Original Price: $190.90
Price: $93.07
PROP255032 - Profurl Additional Extrusions for R420
Code: PROP255032
Original Price: $342.70
Price: $167.10
PROP256032 - Profurl Additional Extrusions for R350
Code: PROP256032
Original Price: $285.00
Price: $218.60
PROP261032 - Profurl Additional Extrusions for R430
Code: PROP261032
Original Price: $342.70
Price: $167.10

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