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Lewmar Windlass Accessories


Lewmar Windlass Accessories

3-Button Windlass Wireless Remote Control

Allows wireless remote up/down operation of any Lewmar windlass

5-Button Windlass & Thruster Remote Control

Allows wireless port/starboard thrust operations of any Lewmar Thruster, and wireless up/down operation of any Lewmar Windlass

AA601 – Rode Counter

The AA601 connects to the on board computer for monitoring of the length of rode deployed through the windlass.

AA730 – Wired Remote control

Waterproof control for windlass or thruster with chain counter.

10m Remote Antenna Kit

When reception is poor or distance to the windlass/thruster is long, a remote antenna will improve reception.

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LEW68000967 - Lewmar 3-Button Windlass Remote Kit
Code: LEW68000967
Original Price: $386.10
Price: $277.90
LEW68000968 - Lewmar 5-Button Windlass & Thruster Wireless Remote Kit
Code: LEW68000968
Original Price: $524.10
Price: $377.30
LEW68001005 - Lewmar 3-button Spare Fob
Code: LEW68001005
Original Price: $189.60
Price: $136.50
LEW68001006 - Lewmar 5-button Spare Fob
Code: LEW68001006
Original Price: $240.00
Price: $172.80
LEW68000969 - Lewmar 10m Remote Antenna Kit
Code: LEW68000969
Original Price: $109.30
Price: $78.72
LEW66830035 - Lewmar AA601 - Rode counter for glass bridge PC or PLC display
Code: LEW66830035
Original Price: $1,040.30
Price: $749.00
LEW66830040 - Lewmar AA730 - Wired Remote control with LCD and chain counter
Code: LEW66830040
Original Price: $1,174.20
Price: $845.00
LEW66830014 - Lewmar Chain Counter AA150 Kit
Code: LEW66830014
Original Price: $512.00
Price: $368.60
LEW66830015 - Lewmar Chain Counter AA560 Kit
Code: LEW66830015
Original Price: $831.20
Price: $598.00

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