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Lewmar Stand Up Ratchet Kit

Use the Lewmar 60mm Stand up Ratchet Kit to keep your 60mm ratchet off deck to prevent damage done to the deck as well as keeping your ratchet pointed in the right direction when it's not loaded.

Product No. To Suit Block Working Load Limit
Zone 1
Working Load Limit
Zone 2
Weight Base DIA
29904046 30 & 40mm Control 400 kg
(990 lb)
200 kg
(495 lb)
24 kg
(0.8 lb)
1 3/16 mm
(1/8 in)
29904050 60mm Ratchet Triple & 60mm
400 kg
(990 lb)
200 kg
(495 lb)
24 kg
(0.8 lb)
1 3/4 mm
(3/16 in)

Lewmar Block Upstands

The Lewmar Block Upstands are designed to hold a block to the deck in a vertical direction for sail control in leisure marine application only. Its performance depends heavily on the specific application and suitability of installation.

LEW29904050 - Lewmar 60mm Stand Up Ratchet Kit
Code: LEW29904050
Price: $17.92

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