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Harken Canvas is a solution for all canvas need. Harken Canvas carries a wide variety of canvas covers which can be used to keep your deck and boat hardware from wearing away from UV damage. The Harken Canvas covers can also be used to keep dirt and grime off of the boat through bad weather or and road travels.

Harken Canvas One Design Covers
Covers are available for most One Design boats with top and bottom cover options and some envelope covers for traveling and mooring protection. For One Design Keelboats, like the J/70 and Viper 640, Harken Canvas manufactures not only travel covers for the boat, but even mast and rudder bags.

Harken Canvas Headsail Bags
Harken Canvas Headsail bags are available to cover the headsails from UV degradation while the headsail is flaked and stored on deck. Save space by leaving your jib hanked on the forestay when you’re off the boat. The cover hooks to the jib halyard to keep it off the deck. It can also be used as a sailbag to store the headsail. Headsail cover/bag has mesh bottom for ventilation.

Harken Canvas Sheet Bags and Winch Handle Holders
Keep sheets, halyards and fine tuning lines off of the deck with the Harken Canvas Nylon mesh sheet bag. With either snaps or hook and look attachment, these bags can be used to keep all lines in one place while keeping the deck clear from tangles and tripping hazards. Harken Canvas Winch Handle pockets are intended to keep your winch handles where you need them near the winch. Keeping them close by in their designated pocket will keep the handle from getting tangled in the sheets and lines of the sheet bag as well.

Harken Canvas Equipment Covers
When moored, keeping your wheel covered will maintain its sheen and prevent the hub from rusting and locking. The Harken Canvas Wheel covers are designed to have a snug fit over your current wheel with a hook-loop enclosure on the back which should fit over the steering column. Using the Harken Canvas tiller cover will protect the finish on your tiller and help keep it from splitting due to UV degradation. This tiller cover closes with a draw cord and barrel lock. Harken Canvas Winch Covers are designed to help keep your winches protected from UV degradation and weather when not in use. The covers are made from an acrylic canvas with an elastic cord in the crown for fit.

Maintaining Harken Canvas Covers
To prevent the build up of dirt, leaves and other debris, it is recommended to rinse off the Harken Canvas cover with a garden hose. If there is already mildew or dirt buildup, it is recommended to wash the canvas cover with a non-detergent soap solution with warm water and brushing the grime off with a soft bristled brush. Once the wash is complete, let the cover drip dry thoroughly before storing the cover away. It is not recommended to use pressure washers, steam, or commercial car washes on the Harken Canvas covers as it will wear away on the material. Repair all accidental tears as soon as possible.

HAC8663 - Harken Canvas Flat Fender
Code: HAC8663
Price: $137.20
HAC8666 - J70 Travel/ Mooring Cover
Code: HAC8666
Price: $972.00
HAC8667 - J70 Large Sheet Bag
Code: HAC8667
Price: $24.50
HAC8668 - J70 Small Sheet Bag
Code: HAC8668
Price: $19.60
HAC8669 - J70 Companionway Cover
Code: HAC8669
Price: $50.96
HAC8670 - J70 Rudder Bag
Code: HAC8670
Price: $58.80
HAC8671 - J70 Tiller Bag
Code: HAC8671
Price: $33.32
HAC8672 - J70 Hatch Cover
Code: HAC8672
Price: $39.20
HAC8673 - J70 UV Sock
Code: HAC8673
Price: $186.20
HAC8674 - J70 Padded Boom Bag
Code: HAC8674
Price: $55.86
HAC8675 - J70 Shroud Bag
Code: HAC8675
Price: $29.40
HAC8676 - J70 Spreader Cover
Code: HAC8676
Price: $35.28
HAC8681 - J70 Bottom Cover
Code: HAC8681
Price: $1,057.00
HAC8682 - J70 Mast Bag
Code: HAC8682
Price: $220.50
HAC8683 - J70 Zippered Mast Bag
Code: HAC8683
Price: $245.00
HAC8691 - J70 Hatch Board Bag
Code: HAC8691
Price: $92.12
HAC8685B - Portable Soft-Sided Dock Box 38x23: Black
Code: HAC8685B
Price: $205.80
HAC8685G - Portable Soft-Sided Dock Box 38x23: Grey
Code: HAC8685G
Price: $205.80
HAC8686G - Portable Side-Sided Dock Box 66x23: Grey
Code: HAC8686G
Price: $235.20

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