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Harken Big Boat Sheaves


Harken Big Boat Sheaves

Harken Big Boat sheaves are available for special applications as well as for replacement sheaves in Big Boat blocks. Made of Hard Lube-anodized, 6061-T6 aluminum, Harken Big Boat sheaves feature Torlon® rollers to carry high radial loads and carbon-black Delrin® balls to support sideloads and provide UV protection. Select sheaves based on load-carrying capability. Installation requires clamping or securing inner race.

Use for
Spinnaker sheets

Harken Big Boat Sheave Features:

  • Torlon roller/ball bearing system
  • Hard Lube-anodized, PTFE impregnated 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Carbon-black balls for UV protection

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    HAR500 - Harken 3.0 in. Sheave
    Code: HAR500
    Original Price: $192.20
    Price: $169.14
    HAR518 - Harken 4.5 in. Sheave
    Code: HAR518
    Original Price: $471.35
    Price: $414.79
    HAR519 - Harken 5.5 in. Sheave
    Code: HAR519
    Original Price: $609.80
    Price: $536.62
    HAR520 - Harken 7 in. Sheave
    Code: HAR520
    Original Price: $996.65
    Price: $877.05
    HAR550 - Harken 4 in. Sheave
    Code: HAR550
    Original Price: $295.60
    Price: $260.13
    HAR603 - Harken 3.0 in. Wide Sheave
    Code: HAR603
    Original Price: $315.30
    Price: $277.46
    HAR640 - Harken 2.50 in. Wide Sheave
    Code: HAR640
    Original Price: $169.00
    Price: $148.72
    HAR657 - Harken 4.5 in. Wide Sheave
    Code: HAR657
    Original Price: $563.70
    Price: $496.06
    HAR1539 - Harken 2.5 in. Wide Sheave
    Code: HAR1539
    Original Price: $212.65
    Price: $187.13

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