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Gill Sunglasses



All Gill sunglasses are floatable, so if you drop them, all is not lost. They have been designed with integral floatation and feature UV protective and 100% glare free polarized lenses specifically designed for use on the water.

GIL9661 - Gill Squad Floating Sunglasses
    Code: GIL9661
    Price: $70.00
    GIL9635B - Gill Gemini Sunglasses
      Code: GIL9635B
      Price: $70.00
      GIL9630B - Gill Shadow Sunglasses
      Code: GIL9630B
      Price: $79.95
      GIL9472 - Gill Pro Racing Googles
      Code: GIL9472
      Price: $89.95
      GIL9473 - Gill Classic Floating Sunglasses
        Code: GIL9473
        Price: $89.95
        GIL9655 - Gill Race Edge Floating Sunglasses
          Code: GIL9655
          Price: $89.95
          GIL9656 - Gill Race Speed Floating Sunglasses
            Code: GIL9656
            Price: $89.95
            GIL9657 - Gill Tactic Sunglasses
              Code: GIL9657
              Price: $89.95
              GIL9659 - Gill Spectrum Floating Sunglasses
                Code: GIL9659
                Price: $89.95
                GIL9660 - Gill Sofia Floating Sunglasses
                  Code: GIL9660
                  Price: $89.95
                  GIL9662 - Gill Reflex Floating Sunglasses
                    Code: GIL9662
                    Price: $89.95
                    GIL9663 - Gill Sense Bi Focal 1.50
                    Code: GIL9663
                    Price: $99.00

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