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1. McConaghy 38 feature Spinlock XX0812 Rope Clutch.
2. Lewmar Hatches, time to replace?
3. Gone Fishing? Double up your sailing gear.
4. Mini-Maxi Fever, Harken report.
5. Olympic Team Sailing Video.

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McConaghy 38 shrinks clutch profile with XX0812

The recently launched McConaghy 38 features two banks of paired XX0812 Powerclutches neatly recessed to reduce windage & clutter. Designed by four-time America’s Cup designer Harry Dunning, MC38 Deck gear has been kept to a minimum with every piece carefully evaluated for weight and function. The XX clutch is no longer seen as an extreme line control choice for a yacht of this size.

The MC38 delivers blistering pace which McConaghy claim raises high performance OD racing to a new level. McConaghy 38 Website

Spinlock XX0812

The XX0812 holds loads 50% higher than any conventional clutch, with smooth and controlled release. The only secure clutch solution for genoa and spinnaker halyards on performance yachts from 35-50 feet.

Features and Benefits: New Jaw profiles developed to work consistently across a wider range of blended rope covers. Optimised for high performance 8-12mm lines Roller bearings give safe and controlled release under load. Easy on-deck access for removing complete internal assembly, even when banked.

* Access ports for fresh water flushing

* Side mounting version available

Order: Spinlock Rope Clutches

Lewmar Hatches, time to replace?

Manufactured from the highest quality materials, Lewmar hatches feature a unique integral seal that makes them completely leak-proof.

They are rigorously tested for performance and designed for easy, one-piece installation. Friction levers hold your hatch open at any angle between 30 and 90 and allow 180 opening for easy access.

Soft, fluid styling | Comprehensive range | Self supporting lids | Unique seal system | Simple maintenance | Locking handles | External access on larger hatches | Hatch vent position | Trim kits (optional extra) provide a clean finish to any installation.

Visit: Lewmar Hatches | Lewmar Store

Gone Fishing? Double up your sailing gear.

Over and over we see sailors wearing their sailing clothing to go fishing, there is no reason why not...but:

How Important Is What You Wear?
Bad weather should not keep you from going on the water but bad clothing choices might.

Genetically different: Level of tolerance to hot and cold are unique to each angler. Performance enhancing Freezing cold or overheating is not good for best performance or just enjoying the day on the water.


What Is Layering:

1.Base layer. Next to skin: Often considered as a piece to keep you warm but its true function as layering system is to be sure the skin's surface is dry. Base layer is essential for not only staying warm in cold conditions but is as important for staying cool on a hot day especially while wearing mid layer and waterproof breathable outer garments. ...read full article and guide.

Visit our: Gill Angler Clothing area | Gill Sailing Gear Store

Mini-Maxi Fever, Harken report.

What are Mini-Maxis?

Mini Maxis are boats between 65 and 75 feet (20 m to 23 m) and, like the other Maxis, they are intensely future-focused yachts sailed by athletes who continuously chase higher efficiency and test out the newest high-performance technology.

Most are built to the IRC rule and some to the new STP65 box rule," said Mark Wiss (Harken's Grand Prix Racing Manager), "but they can be modified to race under IRC. Harken may do a few things a little differently depending on the type of sailing, but it doesn’t really matter which rule these boats follow. The hardware and winch layouts are similar and the boats are generally sailed the same way, with most racing around the buoys as well as offshore.

Because the class is young, there is still a lot of development in the systems and deck layouts.

A majority of Mini Maxis sail with three pedestals linked together to drive the primary and mainsheet winches. Boats closer to 75 feet may use four pedestals because the sail plans are much larger. The systems are mostly trickledown from the America’s Cup and Volvo boats, including the pedestals, foot buttons, disconnect systems, and overdrives...read full article

Order: Harken Blocks, Winches and More


Sailing Video: Swiss Sailing Team

If you need any assistance selecting the appropriate sailing gear, please give us a call 1-888-756-8883. Our crew is ready to help you.


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