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Sailing Products & Tech Reviews.

1. Strong Track System (effortless mainsail hoist and drop)
2. Blocks for Running Backstays
3. Velocitek ProStart - Line Approach Tool
4. Zhik Isotak Smock for Dinghy and Keelboat Racing
5. SLAM Deck Shoes for Cruisers.


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Tides Marine: Strong Track Systems

The STRONG® Sail Track and Slide System is a high-performance, low friction mainsail track and slide system built to handle the increased loads and demands of today's full batten mainsails. When installed, the mainsail will rise easily and drop the instant the halyard is released.

Product Overview

The System consists of the ultra low friction, durable STRONG® Track and an "owner-defined" selection of matched slides and batten receptacles designed for smooth, long lasting operation. The System is priced on a per-foot basis and shipped via UPS, ready to install. The STRONG® Track System offers minimal stack height, less weight aloft and low friction performance rivaling systems costing more than twice as much....more

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Harken Air Runners.

Harken Black Magic® Air Runners® are strong, lightweight blocks with extremely free-rolling sheaves. Blocks feature Torlon® roller bearings in a center cage for strength. Sideload bearing strips dampen rig vibration. Integrated sideplate bails and recessed cotter key help produce a smooth design that won’t snag lifelines. Heads are offered with parallel/perpendicular shackles.
Tangs attach turnbuckles, toggles, and other fittings. No tools required for installation. Foam padded Block Socks easily install over Air Runners® to protect your blocks, deck, and crew.

Go to: Harken Store | Air Runners

Velocitek ProStart- Start "on the line"

One of the best distance-to-line tool ever.
Before Velocitek popularized the technology in 2007, you needed a $10,000 laptop-based system to get accurate distance-to-line measurements. Now we bring you the ProStart, which is specifically designed, from the ground up, to give you the easiest, most accurate distance to line measurements ever.

Setting the line is as simple as telling your crew to press the boat button as you sail by the RC and then the pin button as you sail by the pin.

Once you’ve pinged both ends of the line, the ProStart uses the latest WAAS-augmented GPS technology to spit out an accurate distance to line measurement every half-second.


Watch Velocitek ProStart Demo Video

Order here: Velocitek

Zhik Isotak Smock

During the last couple of months we have been testing several Smocks. This past weekend we had the chance to wear the Zhik Isotak Smock and we really liked it. It fits comfortably and felt well suited for the job. What we liked the most about it was the length and how the back of the smock remains attached to your lower back preventing the annoying feeling of other garments pulling up on your back leaving it without protection when fully hiked out.

Its more expensive than comparable products but prices aside, the Zhik Isotak Smock has become one of our sailing team's favorite.

Visit our: Zhik Store | Isotak

SLAM Deck Shoes for Cruisers

Have you ever wondered what else you can use besides top-siders and not have to wear race-looking footwear? Well maybe the answer is in the Mistral line of SLAM shoes. They look simple, feel comfortable, and dry fast.

Technical suede leather and technical "bike" fabric shoe, antislip, channelled rubber sole, providing maximum performance while at sea but with a look which is equally wearable in the city.

Go to:
SLAM Mistral: Grey / Blue / Red

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