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Sailing Products & Tech Reviews.

1. Harken ESP Blocks for Cruising Sailboats.
2. Offshore Racing? Quick look at the latest Henri Lloyd gear.
3. Control lines for Sportboats and Skiffs.
4. Triples Mainsheet Blocks for Beach Cats.
5. Rewind Harken Radial Winch for effortless cruising.

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Harken 2011 ESP Blocks

Cruising ESP blocks complement our existing blocks in looks and function, but are simpler in design and construction. Sheaves feature sleeve bearings to handle high static loads and are ideal for halyards or limited purchase systems on cruising boats. Available in aluminum or hand-polished stainless steel.

Use cruising ESP swivel and fiddle blocks in winch-driven purchases of 4:1 or less. Perfect for vangs or mainsheet systems on cruising boats from 35 ft to 45 ft (10 m to 14 m).

Harken: ESP Aluminum | ESP Footblocks | ESP Mastbase | ESP Stainless Steel

Go to: Harken Cruising ESP Blocks

Offshore Racing? The latest from Henri Lloyd

Henri Lloyd's GORE-TEX® Ocean Racer Jacket is 25% lighter than its predecessor. Made with the super strong GORE-TEX Ocean Technology® membrane, this garment does not need a lining which reduces water retention and maximizes breathable performance. Its inherent strength and weight minimizes wind profiling and prevents conductive heat loss.

All linings have been removed, minimizing binding and moisture pick up. The Extreme Hood is constructed from a 3 layer GORE-TEX.

The hood is compact and stows away into the articulated 'Ocean Hood Pod' which allows for an improved fit and greater comfort....read more

Henri Lloyd
| Henri Lloyd Ocean Explorer

Control lines for Sportboats and Skiffs.

From prams to sport boats:

Finish Line: is made from high tenacity tension-set polyester with an 8-strand "nubby" cover and continuous filament core....more

Applications: Dinghy outhauls, vang systems, cunninghams, hiking straps, centerboard lines, topping lifts and halyards.

Spyder Line: Thanks to its Dyneema SK75 core and twill pattern (smooth) cover, Spyderline is just the right small diameter line needed for higher load applications....more

Benefits: Very strong and low stretch. Flexible yet firm enough to be fed through small leads, micro blocks and purchase systems. Sizes over 1.8mm have a braided core, allowing for additional performance modifications.

Bzzz Line: Kink-Free sheets. Single braid construction makes Bzzz line kink-free, while unique combination of spun polyester (that's the fuzzy stuff) and multi-filament polypropylene makes it soft on the hand and lightweight.

Applications: Perfect mainsheet for Lightnings, Lasers, Optis, Stars. Bzzz line also works well on larger boats as control lines and mainsheet fine-tune....more

Regatta Lite: A 12-strand, single braid, multi filament polypropylene line that is extremely lightweight (either wet or dry), does not kink and is easy to handle.

Applications: Dinghies/small keelboats, mainsheets, control lines and halyard tails....more

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New England Ropes Store

Triples Mainsheet Blocks for Beach Cats.

Need to build a 7:1 or 8:1 mainsheet system for your beach cat or trimaran? Are you planning to use 55 or 57 MM blocks? Check the following link, we have put together all recommended triple and quadruple 57MM blocks.

Need any other size? Visit:

Harken Carbo Blocks
Ronstan Orbit Blocks

Go to: 55 & 57MM Triple Blocks

Rewind Harken Radial Winch for effortless cruising.

For Hands-Free Trimming and Easing

Harken’s Rewind™Radial® Electric Winch is exactly what cruisers have been looking for in push-button sail control. Now you can ease and trim loaded sails in both directions without ever taking the line out of the self-tailer.

In standard mode, Rewind works exactly the same as a Harken 2-speed winch. But flip the red knob on the winch base and the patented rewind function activates. You can adjust sail with fingertip control without ever going to the winch
and manually releasing the line from the drum


Go to: Harken Rewind Winches | All Winches

If you need any assistance selecting the appropriate sailing gear, please give us a call 1-888-756-8883. Our crew is ready to help you.


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