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Sailing Products & Tech Reviews.

1. EVO Winches - Lewmar's latest Offer!
2. Equiplite: Quick (Soft) Connectors
3. Harken T2 Blocks - Review
4. Cruising Antarctica onboard S/Y Sarah W. Vorwerk
5. How to Use the Halyard Selector for Cruising Multihulls.


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Lewmar EVO Winches

Legendary quality combined with state of the art technology ensures Lewmar’s new EVO winch range is highly advance.

So what’s new?

Safety is key in any new development. Lewmar has designed in some simple safety features to make sailing safer for the entire family. The stripper arm contains a winch direction arrow to ensure users understand which way the winch turns, a very helpful feature when short handed or with inexperienced crew.

To speed up installation, the winch can be fitted either in the conventional manner, or Lewmar’s FastFit stud fixings can be used to enable one person to fit the winch without having to remove the drum. There are no plastic parts to snap off, just select the correct size stud, wind it into the strong bronze center stem and mount the winch in the pre-drilled holes.

Sleek new styling has been combined with a selection of new finishes. Drums are available in black or grey alloy and chrome bronze. The integrated investment cast stainless feeder arm provides the most obvious change in style; this cleverly covers the winch and does not create a rope trap above

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Lewmar EVO Winches

Equiplite - Quick Soft Attachments.

Equiplite products employ a proprietary Dyneema SK 75 super braid loop to take the majority of load in quick connectors, blocks and deck loops. Just pass the loop through the hole and back over a groove on the fitting.

Equiplite fittings can be up to 90% lighter.

Weight savings vary depending on type and comparison but general range is from 60% to 87% for the same load. Equiplite fittings don't fatigue or jam if overloaded as do stainless connectors and unlike stainless fittings can take reasonable overloads without detriment.

Equiplite Non Swivelling Quick Connectors

These patented soft connectors use DSK 75 loops to take the connection load. Making them 80% to 90% lighter for the same load compared to traditional stainless fittings. They are used on top competitive boats, for all types of connections such as sheets, halyards, runners etc. Order online.

Equiplite Swivelling Quick Connectors

Equiplite patented swivel quick connectors using DSK 75 loops, to take the load, are designed for halyard use. DSK 75 is the most UV tolerant of the super braids. Order online.

Equiplite Halyard (HB) / Snatch Blocks (SB)

Equiplite snatch blocks use DSK 75 loops to take the loads directly through the center of the sheave. This allows the blocks to be extremely light, compact, quick and easy to operate, compared to competitive blocks, of the same load. They employ carbon composite side plates, aluminum sheaves for Hi-Load types and high load low friction polymer bearings. Order online.

Visit our: Equiplite Store

Harken: T2 Blocks

Harken's Carbo T2™ is the first block with no fasteners, rivets or other metal parts to add weight. Its composite structure makes T2 the lightest soft-attach block Harken has ever designed. Applied industrial design and new branding gives this patent-pending block a hot new look that appeals to racing sailors both young, and young at heart.

The high-strength composite T2™ is the first block with no metal shackles or rivets and is the lightest soft-attach block Harken has ever designed.

T2 blocks come in two styles. One uses a loop, the other a length of line. Both methods route the attachment line through the block head and sheave, decreasing the load on the side plates and acting as a backup for the system. Soft attachments articulate to align with the load for a fair lead, reducing friction.

The composite sheave spins on ball bearings with curved bearing races for low-friction rolling. Composite side plates are fiber-reinforced, high-strength nylon resin. Ball bearings, sheave, and side plates are UV-stabilized for maximum life span

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Harken Carbo Blocks | T2 Blocks

Our Customers & Friends Cruise Antarctica. (by Jacqueline Haas)

Hi Maia,

The picture was taken by Peter Geyer, a mountain guide, who sailed to Antarctica with us this February. Attached I send you a sailing picture from our boat ( S/Y Sarah W. Vorwerk) in Antarctica.


About Henk Boersma: On a sailing trip around the world in 1994 Henk arrived in Ushuaia, Argentina, sailed as crew to Antarctica and fell in love with ice, Flora and Fauna. he decided then to give sailing a more permanent footage in his life. In 1995 he started to take passengers on the Sarah to Antarctica, Cape Horn, South-Georgia.

So he is looking back to 15 years of successfully crossing Drakes Passage, rounding Cape Horn, handling the boat with a lot of experience and patience ( sitting out unfavorable winds) enjoying the elements of the Southern-Ocean.

Lucky us, the weather is mostly way more beautiful than people think. Otherwise we would have stopped doing this years ago.

The untouched nature, the ice and the animals will never cease to amaze us, it is just incredibly beautiful, very difficult to describe.

Our home is in Ushuaia. The off-season days we spend in our house with our kids, enjoying snow and mountains of the Austral winter.


Kindest regards from a snowy Ushuaia

Jacqueline Haas

S/Y Sarah W. Vorwerk

Visit: http://www.sarahvorwerk.com

How to Use the Halyard Selector for Cruising Multihulls.

Own a Cruising Multihull and in need of a new set of halyards? Most likely the original ones were made out of polyester double braid, which is great for standard applications, but will stretch a lot under the load of the new cruising gennakers or laminates sails.


Halyard Selection Guide:

1. Go to our Halyard Selector
2. Find out your P and I rig dimensions
3. Scroll down to Performance Cruising Halyards
4. Select your halyard base on your rig dimension (not boat length)

Once you click on the provided link you will see our recommended halyard for your sailboat including shackles, splices, overall length, etc.

In case your boat is not listed or you would like to double check with us on your selection, simply click on the "Live Help/Chat" icon and we will be able to help you.

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Halyard | Line Selection Guide

If you need any assistance selecting the appropriate sailing gear, please give us a call 1-888-756-8883. Our crew is ready to help you.


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